What is Kaatone?

Kaatone is a handcrafted drum that is made from top-notch steel, providing it with a resonant and rich sound.

The drum is carved with 10 tongues and is designed to play by hands.  The notes are arranged in a specific pattern (scale) to create a harmonious sound that is pleasing to the ear. There are quite a few scales available to choose from. 

What sets the Kaatone drum apart from other musical instruments is its sustain and overall harmonic resonance. The drum has a unique ability to produce long, rich notes that last for several seconds. This sustain, combined with its harmonious sound, creates a meditative and calming atmosphere that is perfect for sound healing and therapy.

The Kaatone drum is also incredibly versatile, making it a great option for musicians who are looking for a new instrument to add to their collection. Since it is strictly tuned Kaatone is also great for jamming with other musicians, as its simple and intuitive design makes it easy to play along with others.

In conclusion, the Kaatone drum is a musical instrument that is truly unlike any other. With its rich and complex sound, sustain, and overall harmonic resonance, the drum is a great option for musicians and sound healing practitioners who are looking for a new and unique musical experience. Whether you are a seasoned musician or just starting out, the Kaatone drum is an instrument that you won’t want to miss.

Meet the creator of Kaatone

Hello, my name is Alexander. I am the author and creator of the KAA TONE tongue drum. I was born and live in Russia, in the Kaluga region, in the city of Obninsk. I have a wonderful family: a wife and a daughter, I love them very much, they are the main muses in my work. My journey in creating KAA TONE began in 2016. That year I was first introduced to tonal tongue drums and realized that I wanted to create something of my own, something unique. I encountered many difficulties, spending days and nights in my workshop studying the instrument’s form, trying different types of steel, and experimenting with tongue shapes. It took me two whole years to create an individual and unique instrument, to create a sound that I was completely satisfied with. The result of my work culminated in 2018 in the form of KAA TONE metal tongue drum. Since then, I have been trying to please you with my work, constantly improving the sound quality and appearance of my instrument, as there is no limit to perfection. I have come a long way, but I know that there is much more work ahead, many ideas and creative plans. From Russia with love Kasinsky Alexander

Creator of Kaatone

Professional Steel Tongue Drums

Playing Kaatone can be a form of mindfulness or meditation that helps you to focus your attention on the present moment, calm your mind, and reduce stress. Additionally, playing music has been shown to produce changes in brainwaves and neurotransmitters that promote relaxation and a sense of well-being. Whether you’re an experienced musician or a beginner, the act of playing an instrument can be a great way to unwind and de-stress.

We are able to make any available musical scale to be custom at your desire. We are happy to discuss any of your thoughts via email info@kaatone.com 

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