Kaatone A-2 low pigmy


A2-D3-E3-F3-A3-C4-D4-E4-G4-A4 –  Custom Pigmy

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The A2 low pigmy scale, unpainted Kaatone drum is a true work of art, both visually and musically. The unpainted surface of the drum not only gives it a sleek, minimalist look but also enhances the richness of the sound it produces. When played, the notes of the A2 low pigmy scale come to life, producing a beautifully haunting sound that resonates deep within the soul.

This particular scale is in alignment with most medicine music, making it perfect for use in sound healing and therapy sessions. The notes of A2, D3, E3, F3, A3, C4, D4, E4, G4, and A4 work together in perfect harmony, creating a meditative and calming atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation and inner reflection.

The ease of playing this drum is simply remarkable. With no prior musical experience necessary, anyone can create beautiful music by simply striking the tongues with their hands or using drumsticks. The simplicity of the design and the intuitive nature of playing makes it perfect for musicians of all levels and ages.

Overall, the A2 low pigmy scale, unpainted Kaatone drum is a beautiful and meaningful instrument that transcends the boundaries of music. Its hauntingly beautiful sound and ease of playing make it perfect for anyone looking to enhance their musical and spiritual journey.

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