Kaatone E2 minor


Kaatone tongue drum E2-A2-B2-C3-E3-F3-Ab3-B3-C4-E4, scale of  E minor

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Instead of standard description we decided to publish the email we have got from our customer about this particular drum. (We asked for the permission)

I have had my kaa tone for 3 weeks now. The first couple of days I didn’t play much. I picked it up and hit it but not much was happening, I would get bored and put it down. On the third day there was an uncomfortable conversation I needed to have with a co-worker I was putting off and I felt restless while I waited. I picked up the drum and started making tones. I noticed my anxiety level was going down a bit so I thought, why not play this for 5 more minutes before I initiate this conversation. When I finally checked the time, 90 minutes had passed. I was making tones with my voice that matched with tones from the drum. The effect was extraordinary. An excited curiosity arose in my heart. I no longer felt like putting off this awkward conversation. Instead, I felt motivated to get it out of the way so I could get back to the drum. The conversation itself wasn’t bad as I was staring at the drum the entire time. In the weeks since, I have had to hide it to get anything done. The exploration has been quite rewarding. When I play my kaa tone, it isn’t like a conventional musical instrument where there may be some thought of performing one day. Instead it is like an intimate act of love. I strike the different tones and feel the vibration in my body. Eventually a pattern emerges as all hearts search for symmetry. I create this symmetry and my brain is challenged to keep it. The feeling is something between solving a puzzle, playing a video game, and petting a cat. I can feel that it must be of enormous benefit. My voice comes into it yet it’s not like singing. I find one of the tones in the pattern and match it with my voice. I feel the vibration of the kaa tone in my body and I resonate that frequency with my voice matching the internal tactile sensation. It is teaching me to sing in perfect pitch by creating a deeper space of awareness in my body of the vibration as opposed to merely hearing it with my ear, yet that is but a side effect. The deep heavy resonance of the metal is felt in every cell of my being. It causes emotions to rise and release. The dynamics of stress and trauma have been big factors in my life. I have tried many therapies with mixed results. This kaa tone drum is changing me. The ten tones which are carved into the ‘tongues’ are solid and unchanging, like the iron it is foraged out of. It’s difficult to explain, but with the flickering mind, and fluctuating emotions, these solid tones recalibrate my spirit. I always heard the word ‘grounding’ and thought I knew what it meant. Now I truly know the meaning. As I develop the propensity to keep more rich and complex patterns, my mind is able to let go of unpleasant meaningless thoughts. As I breathe and intonate with my voice I am flooded with visions of the galaxy. The elements making this drum were forged in dying stars. I can feel those same elements as the frequencies vibrate in my bones. All of my worries and obsessions become small and meaningless when I am alone with my kaa tone.

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